Monday, September 14, 2009


You will need the following things for this tutorial.
Scrapkit of choice or the one I'm using by Tiny. This kit is called Happy Holloween.
Template 101 By Beth at Blissfully Beth.
Thank You Beth for sharing Your templates -hugs-.
Tube of Choice I am using the artwork of Suzanne Woolcott. You need a license to use any of her artwork.
Thank You so much Kathy for Your wonderful gift -hugs and kisses-.

Open Your tube and template in psp and minimize the tube. Shift+D to duplicate Your template and close out the original and also delete the copyright We won't be needing it. Find a color from the tube You chose and on the Rectangle layer use Your magic wand and click inside of it and go to layers new raster layer and flood fill this with that chosen color. Selections select none. Do this same step on the Orange rectangle layer. (Again I am guilty of playing with the papers and inserting them on top of my filled in layers and messing around with the blend modes). Remember to delete Your original layers.

On the frame layer You filled in go to effects 3D effects drop shadow and give it a drop shadow of choice or use My settings vertical and horizontal 2 opacity 40 blur 5.00 color black. On the spooky text layer in the layer palette I put the blend mode onto burn but for You it might vary and You might decided to just leave it black which is just fine. Just remember this is Your tag so do something You like not what You think I would like or make it totally look like Mine. This is just a guideline only and as such just make this Your own.

Choose the black dotted layer and go to selections select all selections float selections defloat and layers new raster layer. You might have to zoom in to see all the dots and then flood fill it with a color of choice and give it the same drop shadow We used from above. Choose the black star layer and with Your magic wand click on it layers new raster layer and flood fill with a color or gradient of choice. Do the same exact steps for Your orange star frame. Giving it the same drop shadow as before.

Add Your tube and elements of choice giving them the same drop shadow. Add Your name copyright and save as png and Your all done.

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