Tuesday, September 15, 2009


You will need the following things for this tutorial.
Scrapkit of choice or the one I'm using by Rieneke. It's called Madness.
Thank You Rieneke for letting Me use Your kit in My tutorials -hugs and kisses-.
Template 101 by Rachel at Scraps of Enchantment
Thank You Rachel for sharing Your templates and other goodies with Us -hugs-.
Tubes of choice. I am using the wonderful work of Ismael Rac. You can find His tubes at AMI. You need to purchase a license in order to use any of His tubes.
Xero Fritillary

Open the template and tube in psp and minimize the tube. Shift+D on the template to duplicate it closing the original now delete the copyright layer as We don't need it. Find a color from Your tube You like and with Your eye dropper tool click on it.

On the PinkGlitter layer go to adjust Hue and Saturation Colorize and from the color You used click on the materials palette and use the H and S numbers and type them into the colorize slots where You see Hue and Saturation. You might have to fiddle with the numbers in order to get something that You might like.

Choose the Glamour layer and with Your magic wand click each letter and all now should be selected with marching ants. Layers new raster layer and flood fill this layer with a color or gradient of choice. Now paste Your tubes and position them along the text. After they are in place go to selections invert and tap Your delete key on each of those layers. Selections select none. Layers merge down all those tube layers until all the tubes are merged together.

Duplicate this tube layer and go to adjust gaussian blur 4. Place the original layers blend mode on Luminance and the copy blurred one on Luminance (L) put the opacity on about 80 or whatever looks good to You. I also gave it a blinds effect by going to effects texture effects blinds.

On the glamour text layer go to selections select all selections float selections defloat selections invert and choose the tube layer and tap on Your delete key. This will get rid of the blurred area's outside of Your text. Selections select none. Now back to the glamour word text and go to effects 3D effects drop shadow vertical and horizontal 2 opacity50 blur 7.00 color black. Delete the original text layer.

On the girl layer colorize it again to a color You like. On the pink strip I pasted a paper over it and then lowered the opacity. Another option You have is floating it and adding a new layer and flood filling the spaces and lines with 2 different colors. To do the paper find one You like go to edit copy and on the template go to selections select all selections float selects defloat. Edit paste as a new layer selections invert and tap the delete key. Selections select none. I slid the opacity down to 63 but of course this will vary depending on shades and likes.

Choose the Black bg layer and using Your magic wand hold down the shift key and click both area's on Your canvas and flood fill with a color or gradient of choice. Selections select none. Effects xero fritilliary 5 30 10 0. Effects 3D effects drop shadow vertical and horizontal 2 opacity 30 blur 10.00 color black. Delete the original layer.

On the dotted lines place the blend mode on Luminance. Give it the same drop but change the blur to 7.00. Now add Your main tube to the tag. You may have to change the canvas size in order to do so. You do this by going to image canvas size 700x700 and if You have excess tube just erase it with Your eraser. Duplicate the tube after You have it placed and again do the blur and then slide the opacity to about 70 or so and add a drop shadow to the bottom tube.

On the pink circles place this layer onto Luminance. So sorry I overlooked this layer. Add a drop shadow to it. Now add any of the elements from the kit You like and Your text. Merge Your layers resize or crop if needed add Your copyright and save as png.

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