Sunday, September 13, 2009

Spooky Hollow

You will need the following things to complete this tutorial.
Scrapkit by Tootypup. It's called Spooky Hollow. This kit
comes in both tagger and full size.
Thank You Both Susan and Stina for allowing Me to use this kit in My tutorial.
I am sure if You can't get this kit You could use any other's You might have and adapt it to this one using My tutorial as a guide.
You will need a tube of choice though I will be just sticking to the tubes in the kit.

Go to edit copy and edit paste on one of the houses of choice. Move it over just slightly. Effects 3D effects drop shadow vertical and horizontal 2 opacity 50 blur 10.00 color black. Repeat it again with the vertical and horizontal on 0. Paste the gate as a new layer and give it this drop shadow vertical and horizontal 0 opacity 50 blur 2.00 color black.

Add the tp-window2 as a new layer and move it up so that it's even with the house and moon. Don't worry We'll fix the bottom to match with the house soon. Give it a drop shadow with the following settings vertical and horizontal 2 opacity 50 blur 5.00 color black.

Add the tall grass as a new layer and slide this under the house making sure it went over the blank spots of the window's layer edge we added just a few minutes ago. Paste one of the ghost's
as a new layer but leave him on top. Paste one of the spider web and drag it to the bottom of the layer palette behind all other layers. I then added the cat and resized it slightly and gave it the same drop shadow as the very first I gave the house.

Now with Your crop tool crop around the image and once done go to layers merge visible. Move this merged layer down in the canvas a bit and then find a paper You like and paste it as a new layer and drag it below the merged layer. Image add borders 3 and choose a color from Your image. Keep it floating and go to effects texture effects weave gap width and opacity 5 weave color black and gap color choose from Your image and fill gaps checked.

All that is left is the text You plan to add and then save as a png. I just used a standard font that comes with vista and gave it a drop shadow to stand out and I saved it as a png.

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