Monday, September 14, 2009

Good Girl With Alot of Bad Habits

You will need the following things for this tutorial.
Scrapkit of choice or the one I'm using by Tiny. It's called Coffee Break.
Template 68 by Beth at BlisfullyBeth.
Thank You Beth for sharing Your creative templates -hugs-.
Tube of choice. I am using the tube Tiny included in Her kit.

This one should be a quickie for You all. Ok open the tube and template in psp and minimize the tube. On the template Shift+D to duplicate it and close out the original one and delete the copyright layer as We dont' need it now.

Choose one of the raster layers and using Your magic wand click it and go to layers new raster layer and flood fill it with a color of choice or gradient. Do this with all the rectangle layers. When Your done with this step delete all the original layers and close off all layers except the one's You just did and make sure of these layers are chosen in Your palette go to layers merge visible. Give this layer a drop shadow of choice and then unblock all Your layers.

On the brackets select them as You did above adding a new layer and flood fill with a color of choice and then go to effects texture effects weave with the following settings gap and width 1 opacity 5 weave color black and for the gap color I used the light color in My tag. Give this the same drop shadow as You did before.

On the text layer I used My magic wand on the letters at the top of the tag and clicked each one added a new raster layer and filled it with a color from My tag and used a very light blinds effect by going to effects texture effects blinds and then I added a drop shadow. Then I did the same with the bottom text only this time I didn't add the blinds effect.

Now just add your elements with drop shadows from Your chosen kit. Add Your name copyright and save as png and Your done.

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