Monday, August 10, 2009

Grandpa's Angel

This tutorial was hard for Me to write. That is My daughter and Her Grandpa right before His struggle with emphasyma ended on June 21, 2008. He suffered this for years unknown to all of us until it was too late to really treat other than keeping Him comfortable. Shelby was the last person to make him smile 2 day's before He died. He never smiled again. I hold that memory close to My heart as I write this and dedicate this to a trouble relationship between father and daughter except the last year or two before He passed. I miss Him everyday and I don't think there's a day that goes by that I don't think about Him and wished I could hear his voice or put My arms around Him for a hug. My message is if You still have both of Your parents hold them close to You because one day they will be gone and You will be left with so many things unsaid and undone. I love You dad and miss You everday.

The only things You will need for this tutorial are an image of choice and scrapkit. The kit I chose came from a wonderful designer named Lynn over at Scrappers Emporium and You can find that kit here

Open up one of the frame's from the kit.I used the Tonal Touch 2 for My tag. Do a shift+D to duplicate it and close the original out. Image canvase size 800 click on ok. With Your magic wand click inside the frame layer above and below the bow. With the ants marching go to selections modify expand by 7 and click ok. Now go to Your paper You chose and go to edit copy and then paste as a new layer on Your frame image. Selections invert and then on Your keyboard hit the delete key. Keep those ants marching and go to Your image and edit copy now go to layers new raster layer and then paste into selection. In Your layer palette on the blend mode put it to luminace legacy.Slide both those layers under Your frame layer.

Now this is preference. I chose to add some elements and the first was the Tonal Touch Diamond Trail. You can add it or not it depends on You. I went to edit copy and pasted as a new layer and then I slid it into place. I then used My magic wand again in the frame layer and went to selections invert and then pressed my delete key once more. I erased the part that hung in My dad's and Daughter's faces. I then went to Effects 3D Effects Drop shadow with the following settings on the new layer vertical and horizontal 1 the opacity 50 and blur 5.oo.

Then so that I had room to work with and add the other elements I went to layers merge visible and went to image rezsize and resized by 90 percent all layers unchecked and added anything else from the kit I thought would look nice. Add the same drop shadows to the the frame and other elements that you used on the first tube you added to the image.

Add any elements of choice and then go to layers merge visible add
whatever copyright if any you need to and save as png. Your now done.

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