Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Things You will need for this tutorial:
Template by LeAnn from Creative Misfits Blog here.
Scrapkit by Kirsty from here.
Tubes of choice if You want to use an artist but I won't be using one as I wanted a tag without one.
Wordart of choice.

First let me start off by saying I didn't really care for how this tutorial turned out but I thought I would post it anyway lol. I hope somebody might like it LMAO

Open the template in psp and hold down the Shift key while pressing D at the same time and then close the original. Delete the copyright layer and go to image canvas size 700x700 and click on ok. You can crop or resize it later if You need to. Delete layer 5 in Your layer palette and use your magic wand to click on Layer 1 on Your canvas. Open up one of the glitters in the kit and go to edit copy and then paste as a new layer on your canvas. Selections invert and then hit delete on Your keyboard and then selections select none.Delete the Layer 1.

On Your canvas choose the Frame 1 and use Your magic wand to select it and then holding down shift do the same for the next 2 frame layers. In the kit look for a paper that closely matches the color of the glitter paper You used and go to edit copy and paste as a new layer.Then do the invert and deletion once again. Go to adjust add/remove noise add noise with the following settings Uniform checked noise 15% and Monochrome checked. I did this twice on My paper layer.

In Your layer palette click on the border layer go to selections select all selections float selections defloat. Find another paper of choice and do the invert and deletion once again and then delete the border layer.

On layer 3 use Your magic wand making sure that it's highlighted in you layer palette and using your magic wand click on the black border of the arrows. Find another of the glitter papers and go to edit copy and paste as a new layer and invert and then delete the paper. Keep the ants marching and now using Your magic wand click inside the arrows and do the invert and deletion again and go to selections select none. Add the same noise filter. Follow all the layers with a drop shadow of choice but on the inside of the arrows do one twice. Do one with normal numbers and then the next turn around go with -1.Remember to delete each original layer.

Highlight the Text layer and with Your magic wand select the stars and the misft word that is between them as You hold down Your shift key. Layers new raster layer and flood fill this layer with a color from one of the elements or Your main tube if Your using one. Add the noise once again with the same settings as before and add your drop shadow. Now do the other two misfit words with different colors and ad the drop shadows don't forget to use a new raster layer for each word. Add the elements You want and then
Your all done.

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