Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Scrapkit by the wonderful Lynn here.
This kit was free at the time of this writing.
Thank You so much Lynn for allowing Me to use Your kits in My
Template by Annu at the Mistfits Blog here.
Tube of Choice. I chose to use a tube that was made by the
awesome artist Ismael Rac. This tube was an exclusive tube
for Creative Misfits. You can join the forum and get it
Please do join Us We have alot going on everyday.

Open Your tube and template in psp. Minimize the tube for now and
on the template delete the copyright layer and go to image canvas
size 700x700 You can crop it later. Press down on Shift+D and
close the original.

First open Your tube and with Your eye dropper tool use two colors
and minimize it again. On Your template use Your magic wand and
click on the layer. Layers new raster layer. You will have those
marching ants. Fill this layer with a color You chose from Your
tube. I turned My two into a gradient set at 0 inverted unchecked
and linear. Go to effects texture effects blinds 2, 25, color
black and both boxes checked. I did this twice. Go to Adjust
add/remove noise add noise with the Uniform Chosen at 15% and the
bottom box checked and click ok. Delete the Layer 2.

On Layer 3 in Your layer palette use Your magic wand and click on
it in the template. Layers new raster layer and flood fill it with
one of the colors You chose. Go to effects texture effects weave
and use the following settings gap size 2, width 8, opacity 15
weave color black gap color white fill gaps checked. Now give this
layer a drop shadow of choice by going to effects 3D effects drop
shadow. Delete Layer 3 in Your layer's palette.

Choose Layer 4 in Your layer palette and with Your magic wand once
again click on it and go to layers new raster layer and flood fill
it with another color from Your tube. Add the same blinds and
noise You did on the previous layer and then delete the Layer 4 in
Your layer palette. And then on Layer 5 do the same things You did
on Your last frame layer. I also chose to delete the flowers but
You can keep them on if You want and just do as We did with the
other fill's.

On the REBAL MISFIT layer go to selections select all selections
float selections defloat. Layers new raster layer and flood fill
with a color of choice but keep the ants marching and then go to
selections modify expand by 3 go layers new raster layer and flood
fill it with white and now selections select none and pull that
layer below Your text layer. Repeat these steps for Your copy
layer. Then add Your same drop shadow.

Now add Your tube or tubes and resize if needed and place them how
You like. Give it a drop shadow. Now add any of the elements from
the kit You like giving them each a drop shadow. I also added a
random word art I had in My folders. Now just go to layers merge
visible crop or else resize and add Your name and copyright and
Your good to go.

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