Monday, August 10, 2009

Sweet Shop

You will need the following supplies for this tutorial.

Template 76 by Yvette here. Scroll to new tag templates 76-80 and download.
Scrapkit Candy Shoppe by Justine here. But any scrapkit would work for this.
Tube of Choice. I chose the artwork of the wonderful Elias Chatzoudis and You need a license to use any of his work. You can find His tubes here.
Alf's Power Toys Color Abs here. It's a free download.
Xero Fritillary which is a free download here.

Open all Your materials in your psp and let's go. Open the template press Shift+D to duplicate it and close out the original one. Go to image canvas size by 700 so that We can see what We are doing.

With Your eyedropper tool go to Your tube and choose a color from it and go to Your template and in the layer palette make sure the rectrangle layer is highlighted and with your magic wand click on it. Go to layers new raster layer and flood fill it with the color You chose. Go to Effects xero Fritillary with the following settings Granularity 10 Agression 30 Tesselation 54 Variation 85 and hit ok. Keep the ants marching and now go to Selections modify expand by 3 go to layers new raster layer and flood fill it with white. Slide this layer under Your filled rectangle layer.Delete the original rectangle layer.On the flood filled white layer give go to effects 3d effects drop shadow and give it the settings of vertical and horizontal 2 opacity 50 blur 5.00 and the color black.

Choose the small circles layer and with the shift key on Your keyboard pressed down choose both circles with Your magic wand. When both have the marching ants around them go to layers new raster layer and go to your materials palette with Your foreground color the same as You chose from Your tube and Your background color white go to gradient and use the following settings angle 323 repeats 3 invert checked and style linear flood fill your new layer with this gradient. Selections select none and then go to Effects texture effects blinds with the following settings width 2 opacity 50 color black and both boxes marked.Now give it the same drop shadow You did Your rectangle layer.Delete the original layer.(Side note I also gave that new raster layer a setting of -1 one to the drop shadow. This is just a preference and You don't need to do it. I just think it's more defined and looks better).

In Your layer palette choose the circle layer and go to layers new raster layer. In Your materials palette change the gradient back to your original color and then with the magic wand choose the circle once more and flood fill the new layer with the color. Keep those ants marching now go to layers new raster layer and fill again with that same color and now go to selections select none and go to effects texture effects weave with the following settings the gap width and opacity should be 1 the weave color black the gap color white and fill gaps checked and click ok. Now in the layer palette put the opacity down to 34. Now give it the same 2 drop shadow You did on the rectangle layer. Now on that top circle go to merge merge down to make it a single layer and delete your original layer.

Now in Your layer palette click on the dotted circle layer go to effects Alf's Power Toys Color Abs and move all the sliders to 255 and click ok. Give it Your same drop shadow.

Now in Your layer palette choose the text layer got o selections select all float selections defloat and go to layers new raster layer and choose another color close to the same color you used from your tube and flood fill that layer then keep those ants marching and go to layers new raster layer and from the kit choose a glitter paper and go to edit copy and paste as a new layer over the floating text layer go to selections invert and press down on the delete key on your keyboard and lower the opacity to 73 and put the blend mode onto Luminance (L). Click on the Text background and give it that same drop shadow We've been using throughout the tutorial.Delete the original text layer and on the glitter layer go to layers merge down and then delete the text layer and when it's gone on Your filled layer do the merge down once again.

Now edit copy and paste as a new layer Your tube resize it if needed and place it on Your tag to Your liking. Give it the same drop shadow You did everything else.

Now just add any elements from the kit You like Your text resize if You want to and then add your copyright and save as png and Your all done.

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