Thursday, August 13, 2009


You will need the following supplies for this tutorial.
Scrapkit by the wonderful Sarah from Pimp My Tags with Scraps
which You can purchase here.
Thank You Sarah for allowing Me to write My Tutorials with Your
kits -hugs-.
If You can't get this kit just follow along with any other kit
that has a frame and flower elements etc. So long as it's pretty.
Tube of choice. I used the art of Barbara Jensen and You need a
license to use her work. You can find her tubes here.

Open up Your tube and whatever frame from the kit and minimize the
tube for now We wont' be using it for a little while. Let's duplicate Your frame by holding
down the shift key on Your keyboard while pressing D at the same time. Then close out the
original. Go to image canvas size 700x700. This way We have some
room to work on the canvas. You can always crop or resize it later
when We are done. With Your magic wand click inside Your frame and
choose a paper from the kit and go to edit copy and then paste a a
new layer over Your frame and then go to selections invert and
press delete on Your keyboard and go to selections select none.
Effects texture effects blinds with these settings width 2 opacity
10 color black light from left/top checked the other unchecked.
Slide Your paper layer under the frame layer in layer palette. Go
to effects 3D effects drop shadow and give that frame a healthy
pretty shadow. I used the following numbers vertical and
horizontal on -1 the opacity 50 blur 10.00.

Open Your tube go to edit copy and paste as a new layer. You might
have to resize and if You do go to image resize by percent and
make sure all layers is unchecked. Add the same -1 drop shadow and
then add vertical and horizontal 2 the second time. This is where
You can get creative You could use a mask behind the frame but I
Myself didn't like how it looked so I didn't use one. You could
use brushes around the frame on another layer and slide it under
Your frame layer even word art would work. I am going to add
elements from the kit now though for Myself.

After adding Your elements or whatever You want on it crop it add
Your name and copyright and Your done. Hope You enjoyed this

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