Saturday, August 8, 2009


For this tutorial You will need the following:
ScrapKit Minutes to Midnight Freebie Add-On by Yarrow here.
Tube of choice or Mine here. Please use the copyright provided if You use it. Thank You.
Misted image of choice. I can't share Mine sorry. I am sure if You googled some You could find safe images for Your tags and creations.
Word art of choice.
Xero Porcelain which is a free download here.
FM Tile Tools Blend Emboss optional only.You can get a demo version here.

Open up the frame that's supplied in the kit and go to image resize to 500 hit ok. Image free rotate free rotate left by 90.00 and hit ok. Choose one of the papers from the kit and minimize it for now. With Your magic wand on the frame layer hold down the shift key on your keyboard and click above and under the bow inside the frame. Selections modify expand by 7. With that paper You chose go to edit copy and paste as new layer over your frame and go to selections invert and hit your delete key on your keyboard. Now slide that layer under your frame layer. Now with your misted tube copy and paste as a new layer and click the delete key on your keyboard. Selections select none. now put the misted tube layer's blend mode onto Luminance (L) and the opacity to 18 or however it looks best to you. If You have a blend emboss filter You like to use You could use it on the misted tube or not. It looks good with or without it to Me.

On the misted tube layer go to xero porcelain and use the default settings. I did it a few times to make my tube layer look a bit more softened.

With either the tube You chose or Mine edit copy and paste as a new layer to Your canvas. If Mine You will need to go to image resize by 70 percent all layers unchecked. Now place Her where You like the look of it. Go to effects texture effects blinds and use the following settings width 2 opacity 10 color black and both boxes under the color checked.Go to Effects 3D effects drop shadow and put these settings on both the lady tube and the frame layer vertical and horizontal offsets to 0 opacity at 100 blur 5.00 and color black.Put Your tubes blend mode to luminance(L).

With Your word art edit copy and paste as a new layer place the blend mode onto soft light and again You could use that emboss filter if You chose to or leave it as it is.

I used the font Love Light Rob which is a pay font sorry I can't share it. I chose a dark color for My background and turned off My foreground and typed out My name. I used a drop shadow with these settings vertical and horizontal 2 opacity 50 the blur 5.00.

Just resize Your image and add the copyright save as png and your all done.

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