Sunday, August 2, 2009

Rac Bitch

You will need the following for this tut:
Eye Candy 3.1 here. I think it's still a free download though I'm not totally sure. If You need help with it just use the shout box or email me.
Choice of mask.
Mine came from Vix's psp under goodies here.
Tube of choice.I got Mine from The Padded Cell here. Whom the wonderful artist Ismael Rac made special for the group.

I made this just as a quickie tag for those of you that don't know what to do with text or need some idea's.

Open Your font and minimize it for now.

open your tube and with your eyedropper tool pick two colors from it and then click on your layer palette and choose gradient with the following settings: angle 325 repeats 3 invert checked style linear.

Layers new raster layer and flood fill this new layer with your mask. On your layer palette on the mask merge group.

This next part is up to You but what I did was I put a gradient glow from eye candy 4000 and then used a slight drop shadow.I used
the following settings for the gradient glow Glow Width 3.oo and then I left the rest on the regular settings.On the color tab I chose thin and white.

Click on Your text tool and type out Your name or whatever you wish to be on Your tag..Then convert your text into a raster layer in your layer palette. I stretched mine out a bit and then used eye candy 3 I used the default settings.

Still on Your text go to eye candy 4000 on the basic tab Glow Width 7.00 the rest of the settings I left on default for the color I used pink and fat settings.

COpy and paste your tube as a new layer and put it where you like it.Add a drop shadow of choice. Add Your copyright if You have any and your done.

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