Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Broken Halo

What You need for this tut are:
The frame I used which You can find on Vix's blog site scroll under free elements and You will find I think about halfway down the page. You can get this here.
A mask of choice. Mine came from a group challenge and I don't know who made it so I can't share I'm sorry. Vix has some awesome masks on her site under goodies here.
Xero which is a free filter here.
Eye Candy 400 which is a pay to use filter which you can get here. You really don't need to use this as I only used it for the text and My halo tube from the kit and used it on the copyright layer because some of My groups use black backgrounds and this way it makes the text legible.
Font of choice. I used Bilbo which is a pay font You can find that here.
I used a scrap kit from Justine which was a PTU but You could use any scrap elements You wanted it would be just fine with this tut and just use my tutorial as a guide.You can find her kits here or check on the right side of My blog under My CT tags and click on the scrap shops link I have up.

Open Your mask and minimize it in Your psp then shift + D to duplicate frame image close original out with the eye dropper tool choose two colors from your tube or the frame.On your materials palette on the foreground color choose gradient angle 295 repeats 2 style linear.Layers new raster layer..Flood fill it with Your gradient. Layer's new mask layer from image. In the source window choose your mask that you minimized.In Your layer palette on Your mask layer merge and merge group I also chose to duplicate my mask layer so that it defined the butterflies a bit more. Adjust add remove noise add noise uniform noise 20 monochrome unchecked.

On Your frame layer use Your magic wand and while holding down the D on Your keyboard click in each frame's circle while the ants are marching go to selections modify expand by 3. Layers new raster layer and then flood fill it with your gradient. Selections select none. Layers new raster layer again use your magic wand on the frame circles and do as above.once done then go back to that new layer and flood fill it with your regular color.

Effects texture effects texture gap size 1 width 1 opacity 1 weave color black and gap color white fill gaps checked.In your layer palette put the blend mode onto soft light and lower the opacity by 57 or whatever looks good for you. Try to experiment and see what looks best to You. On Your frame layer go to effects 3D effects drop shadow vertical 2 horizontal 2 opacity 30 blur 10 I used a color from the frame for the shadow. Now repeat the drop shadow put the vertical and horizontal at -2.

In Your layer palette be sure all Your layers are below the frame layer. Now again use Your magic wand and click inside the frame layer's circles and go to selections modify expand by 8 and on your tube edit copy paste as a new layer..arrange it how you like.I used my full tube on the first two cirlces and then I went back to selections invert and on the tube layer I hit delete on my keyboard. I again with my magic wand clicked on my frame layer on the last frame and I pasted my tube and deleted it as the other layers all with the same steps.

Slide the tube layers down below your frame layer and then what I did on My tubes the first one I used radiance at the default settings and then porcelain 2 times on my remaining tube layer then I used a blinds effect and lowered the opacity of my first tube to 90 and left the other one as it was. Now add a drop shadow again to your tube layers but change the blur to 5 and the color black and again do the -2 too.

Now let's add our text so click on your text tool and type out Your name or whatever it is You wish on it and convert it to raster layer and add the same drop shadow twice. While My text was still in vector I stretched it out a bit to fit fully over my tag. But again this is choice.

Now all You have left is to add some of the elements of Your scrap and add Your copyright layer and Your good to go.


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  2. How cool I'll have to do that. Thanks for the heads up.

  3. nice site love the music..ty for the link