Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Candy Girl

For this tutorial You will need the following things:
First of all if You download any of these ladies things please leave them some love it takes them alot of time to make the things they do to allow Us to make all these wonderful tags.
Template I used #20 from Pooker. Click on templates and on the
right hand side she has a list of older one's that are available
in zips on 4 shared. That is where this one will be here .
Scrap came from LadyQueen's site.I used Her Easter Candy kit.You
can find that here.
Thank You Reina for letting Me use Your kits in My tutorials -hugs
and kisses-.
Tube of choice if You so desire. I wanted to make a tag without
one for a change.
Eyecandy 400 gradient glow. Not a free filter sorry. You can get
it here.

On Your template Do a shift+D to duplicate it and then in the
layer's palette delete the copyright layer. We wont' be needing it
any longer and then close the original template.and then go to
image resize canvase and resize it by 700. I know it's big but you
can resize it later if You need to.

In Your layer palette choose the large cirle layer. Selections
select all float selections defloat and then find a paper you like
from the kit and paste it as a new layer ontoyour
canvas.Selections invert and then hit your delete key on Your
keyboard.Selections select none and on Your new layer go to
effects eye candy 4000 gradient glow with the following settings
glow width white the other settings on this tab set to default and
then draw only outside checked. On the color tab use the fat
setting and your color white opacity at 100. Effects 3D effects
drop shadow vertical and horizontal 3 opacity at 5 blur 5.00 and
your color black. Now go back to the drop shadow and do it again
only change it to -3. Now delete the original circle layer.
In Your layer palette choose the diamond frame and go to
selections select all selections float selections defloat now add
a new raster layer by going to layer's new raster layer. Choose a
color from one of the papers or tube that you might be using and
fill this layer with it then go to selections select none and
delete the original diamond frame.Now on Raster 2 do the drop
shadow same settings only this time put the 3's on 2's. Delete the
original layer.

In Your layer palette choose the medium circle and go to
selections select all. selections float selections defloat and
choose another of the papers from your kit.Repeat the steps You
used for Your very first circle layer.Add the gradient glow in the
eye candy putting the fat setting to thin and click ok. Effects 3D
effects drop shadow with the same settings as the diamond layer
repeating it at -2 again.

In Your layer palette choose the small circle layer and go to
selections select all selections float selections defloat layers
new raster layer and flood fill with the same color you used for
your diamonds. Effects texture effects weave all numbers on 1
weave color black gap color white and fill gaps checked. Use the
same gradient glow you used on raster 3 and then the same drop
shadow only this time don't do it twice and delete your original
small circle layer.
Ok for the flowers layers what I chose to do was open the Alpha
Beads and took my colors from those. So on the largeflowerset1 go
to selections select all float selections defloat and go to layers
new raster layer and flood fill it with a color or gradient of
choice. Then using the same eye candy gradient glow and drop
shadows. You can do the shadows twice if you like or not. I just
think doing it twice with the negative numbers defines it much
more than without. Now delete Your original layer.
Now repeat these same steps for the rest of your flowers. You
could even play around with some of the built in textures of psp
as they would look nice. I just chose to leave them plain this

For My text what I did was I opened up the alpha and used my
selections lasso tool and drew around the candy letters and copied
and pasted as a new layer to spell out my candy girl layer.I added
the same gradient glow and drop shadows as my other parts of the

Now open up the candy jar and copy and paste as a new layer to
your tag. Image resize by 40 percent make sure that resize all
layers are unchecked and place this down by the last flower or
wherever you like it. It doesn't matter. Be different and don't do
any of my tuts to the T because then you aren't trying to use your
creativity and that's what makes each of us unique.
Next what I did was I used them same buttons again and spelled out
Reina and then I went into my layer palette and merged down until the last letter was merged and then added the same gradient glow and drop shadow to the text layer. You could always use a font to type it out but I wanted it to be different than the ordinary tags We seem to always be making.Now just add any of the extra elements You like and place em around the tag and save. You are now done. If Your in a group where you have to use a copyright please use
LadyQueen and her blog's address. Thank You for trying My tutorial.

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