Friday, August 7, 2009

A Bit Of Grunge

You will need the following supplies for this tutorial:
Alf's Power Tools Color Abs here. It's a free download.
Xero Fritillary here. It's a free download.
Eye Candy 4000 Gradient Glow optional name only here. Not
a free download sorry.
Close up tube of choice. I chose Elias Chatzoudis and You can find his tubes here.
You can not use His work without first purchasing a license.
A bit of Grunge kit from Pink Princess Scraps here.
This Tutorial can be done with any scrapkit though. Just follow My tutorial as a guide.
Template here.
The one I used came from Bel Vidotti and if You scroll down the
page You will find it.
This was a new template challenge the ladies of Misfits Forum
Please leave some love when downloading the template.

Open the tube and template in psp and minimize the tube. Image canvas size 700. I always make My canvas bigger so that I can see what I'm doing easier. Delete the copyright layer as We won't be needing it now. In Your materials palette choose two colors from the tube. A dark and light color or even use another that might look good with the tag.

On the rectangle layer go to selections select all selections float selections defloat. Layers new raster layer and flood fill the layer. Don't deselect yet. Layers new raster layer and and go to selects modify expand by 5 and flood fill that new raster layer with your lighter color. Now You can deselect. Go to effects edge effects enhance. I did this twice but it's a personal choice. I just liked the look. On this same layer go to effects Xero Fritillary and use the default settings. Effects 3D Effects drop shadow vertical and horizontal on 2 opacity 100 blur 5 and color black.

On the Misfit word layer selections select all selections float selections defloat layers new raster layer in your materials palette change the repeats to 3 and flood fill the new layer. Effects texture effects blinds width 2 opacity 10 color black horizontal and light from left/top checked. Use the same drop shadow you used on the rectangle gradient layer.

Click on your magic wand and in the layer palette choose the upper rec and lower rec layers while pressing shift and making sure both are selected. Layers new raster layer flood fill them with your gradient after putting the graident to 0 repeats. Delete the upper and lower rec layers leaving the one you filled and effects edge effects enhance and then giving it that same drop shadow.

In Your materials palette change the gradients repeat to 3 again and then click on your magic wand and in your layer palette while holding shift down again and choose the squares. Layers new raster layer and flood fill both layers with the gradient and repeat all the above steps.

On the upper and lower dotted line go to effects Alf's Power Tools
color abs and move all three settings to 255 on both those layers. Add the same drop shadow only put the vertical and horizontal to 0. Now add Your close up tube to the rectangle layer erasing any excess that might hang over the bottom adding the same drop shadow you gave to the dotted line's layers.

With Your text tool type out your name. I added a slight gradient glow with my Eye Candy the setting 3.oo and on the color tab I put it at medium and white and then added the same drop shadow I used for my tube and line layers.

Add any elements and Your copyright resize if You need to and Your all done.

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