Sunday, September 6, 2009

Leaves Of Fall

You will need to get the following supplies for this tutorial.
Scrapkit by Rieneke which You can purchase from here. She also has a wonderful tutorial site and You can find that here.
If You can't get this kit then use another and follow My tutorial as an example. Any kit will do as always with My tutorials.
Thank You Rieneke hon for allowing Me to use Your kit for My tutorial -hugs and kisses-.
Template by ButterflyFlutterby.
Thank You Butter for sharing Your templates -hugs-.
If You download please show her some love.
Two close up tubes of choice. I am using the artwork of Keith Garvey. You can find His tubes and licensing information here.
Font of choice.

Open up the tubes and template in psp. Minimize the tubes and on the template hold down the shift key+D at the same time to duplicate it and close the original. Delete the copyright and background layer We won't be needing them. In Your layer palette choose the mask layer and go to selections select all selections float selections defloat. From the kit find a paper You like and open it in psp. Edit copy Edit paste as a new layer. Selections invert and hit the delete key on Your keyboard. Selections select none. Delete the original layer and add a drop shadow of choice. Effects 3D effects drop shadow. I chose vertical and horizontal 0 opacity 40 blur 10.00 color black.

Next choose the fat lines layer and do as You did above. I did change My drop shadow to the following settings though vertical and horizontal 2 opacity 50 blur 10.00 color black. I then repeated changing only the vertical and horizontal to 0. Do the same steps for the thin lines also. You could always use a color fill too if You don't want to use a paper. Either method would work for this tag.

In Your layer palette choose the label 1 shadow and with Your magic wand click this layer with wand on the canvas. Layers new raster layer and fill it with a complimentary color from Your papers or tube. Keep the ants marching and then click on the label 1 layer and add a new raster and flood fill it with another complimentary color. Add the same drop shadow We have been using and delete the original layers. For those other layers above in the layer palette do the same steps as We just did.

In Your layer palette go back down to the Top Backplate layer use Your magic wand on the canvas and add a new raster layer. Fill it with a complimentary color. Slections select none. On the layer above it called Top Fill use Your magic wand again and add a new layer or paper of choice and do it as We did the other paper parts. Just remember to keep deleting all the original layers and add the drop shadows. Now do the same with the other frame layers as You did the other one. You can either colorize the screws or leave them as they are and add a slight drop shadow. Just use a color from Your plate maybe a little light and go to adjust hue and saturation colorize and fiddle around with the settings some.

Now on the frames background go to selections select all selections float selections defloat and resize Your tubes as needed by going to image resize by 45 percent all layers unchecked as an example and place it in the frame. Selections invert and then hit the delete key to trim to excess from the tube. Add a drop shadow to each tube that You use. I did lower My opacity on the backgrounds of the frames as it was awful dark and I wanted to fade it a little bit. This is optional of course.

Now all You need to do is add elements from the kit. Resizing as needed and adding drop shadows as You go. Then on Your nametag add the name or text You wish to use and add a drop shadow. Add Your copyright if there is one and crop or resize if needed and save as png and Your done.

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