Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Fall Harvest

You will need the following supplies to complete this tutorial.
Scrapkit by Kelly. I am using Autumn Harvest. If You are not able to get this kit any fall themed kit or a kit with a frame will do. Just use My tutorial as a guide.
Thank You Kelly for allowing Me to use Your kit for My tutorial -hugs-.
Tube of choice. I am using a tube by Barbara Jensen. You need a license in order to use any of Her work.
Font of choice or Mine.

Open up the frame into psp. Hold down shift while pressing the letter D to duplicate Your frame and then close out the original. With Your eye dropper tool find two colors from either the tube or kit that You like. The foreground dark background light. Click on the background color of Your materials palette and go to the gradient tab and use the following settings or Your own angle 124 repeats 3 invert checked style radial. With Your magic wand click inside the frame and when the ants begin to march go to selections modify expand by 10 and click ok. Layers new raster layer and flood fill this layer with Your gradient color. Adjust blur gaussian blur 5.00 click ok. Duplicate this layer and go to effects texture effects weave and use the following settings gap size width and opacity on 1 weave color black gap color I used an orange color but You could use Your lighter background color for it and fill gaps checked. In Your layer palette put the blend mode onto Luminance (L). You can experiment with Your blend modes to see what You like more.

Click on the frame layer again in Your layer palette and give it a drop show with the following settings vertical and horizontal 2 opacity 65 blur 10.00 repeat this step with the vertical and horizontal on 0. Ok now what I did since My fairy tube was pretty small for the frame itself I clicked back inside My frame layer once again added a new raster layer and pasted into selection I put the blend mode on Luminance (L) and lowered the opacity to about 30 and then I repasted My main tube as a new layer placed her where I wanted her and gave it the drop shadow we just used on the frame with the 0 settings. If You need more room go to image canvas size 700x700.

Now add the elements You want to use and give them the same drop shadow We have been using placing the elements as You like. Now open the font I supplied You with and type out Your text I had to use size 500 but then I'm using windows vista so it might be different than on other systems. I turned off the background and typed in the name Storm and then added the same drop shadow I'd been using and placed it where I thought it looked nice. Crop or resize if You need to and then add the copyright layer save as png and then Your done.

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