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For this tutorial You will need the following supplies.
Template 34 on Melissa's site and You can find that here. Scroll down and You will find the template I am using and maybe a few more goodies.
Thank You Melissa for making such wonderful templates and scraps for Us to use. Please leave her some love when You download in Her shoutbox and just show Her Your appreciation.
Scrapkit I'm using is made by Kirsty. It's called Bubblegum and it's her newest PTU. You can find it here.
If You can't get this kit use another one of choice and just follow along using this tutorial as a guide. If You look to the right hand side of My blog I do list some great sites that have alot of kits You can download for free and they all very pretty.
I am not using any artist tubes for this tag but You can if You choose too. I wanted to use Kirsty's tubes she had put inside.
Font of choice or Mine here.
VanDerLee's UnPlugged -X interlace optional. It's not free but there is a demo version available to download here.
Penta dot and cross optional here. it's in Japanese or Korean so just scroll down to the garbage collection and download it into Your filters folder.
Remember if Your downloading the filters and putting them in You need to restart psp so that it recognizes them.

Open the font and minimize in Your taskbar. In psp open the template and hold Your Shift key down + D to duplicate the template and close out the original and delete the copyright layer because We won't be needing it any longer. I always delete the backgrounds as I always save My tags as a png file so it will match any background. Ok if Your using an artist tube or what have you choose 2 colors from it with the eye dropper tool if not choose an element from the kit or a paper to get the colors from. Now in the materials palette click the foreground color and when the box pops up go to Your gradient tab and use Foreground-background with the following settings angle 302 repeats 1 invert checked and style on linear and then click ok.

In Your layer palette choose the bottom square layer and with your magic wand click on it in the template. Layers new raster layer and flood fill this layer with Your gradient. Selections select none. Now duplicate this layer and go to adjust blur gaussian blur and use 4.00. Delete the original grey filled layer. Now on Your upper layer You could add a noise filter blinds whatever You like. I did this I went to adjust add/remove noise add noise with the following settings uniform and monochrome checked and noise at 20 percent. Then I went to effects texture effects blinds with these settings width 2 opacity 10 color black and both boxes should be checked. I did the blinds twice.

Click on the dots layer in Your palette and go to selections select all selections float selections defloat. Layers new raster layer and flood the top circles with Your background color. Now fill the other dots with another color in about the same scheme or another if You choose.
Selections select none. Add the same noise You did on the other layer. Effects 3D effects drop shadow. I used these settings vertical and horizontal 2 opacity 50 blur 5.oo and the color black or whatever you like to use. Delete the grey layer.

In Your layer palette choose the rectangle layer and again choose two colors you like and make the foreground into a gradient with the same settings as above. Don't be afraid to change whatever You wish because this is Your creation not Mine. Use Your own artistic talents and make it Yours. On this layer use your magic wand tool and click on it in the template. Layers new raster layer and flood fill it with Your gradient. I kept the selection going and from the kit Kirsty made some mask like effect layers so I used one of those pasted it into the selection as a new layer went to selections invert and deleted off the excess. I put the blend mode on overlay and reduced the opacity to 71. If You aren't using this same kit You can use brushes inside the layer and do the same blend modes etc. but it might vary depending on what Your using. Selections select none. On raster 3 give it a drop shadow. Delete the original grey layer inside the layer palette.

Click on the square backgrounds in the layer palette and use your magic wand while holding the shift button down on Your keyboard as You click both squares. Layers new raster layer and flood fill it with a gradient of Your choice. Now this is another part where You can become creative once again. I used VanDerLee's UnPLugged-X interlace at the default settings or You could use blinds that is built into psp. They do offer a demo on site but I'm not sure if they have all the settings inside the filter available. Go to Effects and choose the VanDerLee's interlace and just use the default settings. Delete the original background layers to the squares.

In the layer palette choose the square frames layer and again do as You did above with the square background layers. I filled mine on a new layer with My darker color and then went to effects color dot which is in the same collection You downloaded earlier. I used the default settings on this. I did effects texture effects blinds at a very low setting to give it just a little bit of a darker toned color. Effects 3D effects drop shadow and use the one We'd used previously. Delete the grey frames original layer.

Once again in the layer palette choose the narrow lines layer and using Your magic wand as You hold the shift key down again click on both and flood fill with a color or gradient of Your choosing or do it just like We'd done earlier if You so choose. Remember before You fill to add a new raster layer and then flood fill it. Go to effects dot and cross and use the default settings. Add a drop shadow to this layer. Delete the original grey layer.

If Your using the bubblegum kit choose the hippos and open them in psp on each one go to edit copy paste as a new layer and then go to image resize by 30 percent all layers unchecked and position them in the frames layer. Add a drop shadow to both. If Your using another kit and it has tubes do the same guidelines just keep in mind the sizing might be smaller or bigger depending on what your using.

From the kit I used the pink bow ribbons and resized them at 30 percent and added the same drop shadows after I put each one where I wanted them. I just duplicated the first one and mirrored it and then positioned it where I wanted it. I then chose to use the bubblegum hearts and resized duplicated mirrored and drop shadowed the same ways I did My bows. I then added the bubblegum ribbon 4 and erased a few spots to make it look as if it was wrapped around the frames layer and gave it the same drop shadow. I also added the blue green ribbon and resized it at 40 percent and added a drop shadow.

With the font I supplied click on the text tool and type Your name in. I added the same drop shadows as I had done with all My other elements. When Your done just go to layers merge visible and resize it to a size that's most comfortable to You but using pixels this time with all layers checked.

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