Sunday, August 23, 2009


Things You need for this tutorial.
Scrapkit called Cherish from Cinnamon scraps. You can find it here. Look under Her freebies and You will find it.
Tube of choice. I chose to use the artwork of Barbara Jensen. You can find her tubes here. You will need to purchase a license if You want to use any of Her tubes.
Brushes of choice or wordart of choice.

Open the kit and choose a frame from the kit. I chose frame 5. Image canvas size 700. Hold down the Shift+D to duplicate the frame and close the original. Choose a paper from the kit. I chose paper 3 and go to edit copy and then on the frame use Your magic wand and click inside of it. Hold down Your shift key as You keep clicking on all the empty spaces in the frame. Selections modify expand by 10 and click ok. Go to edit paste as a new layer. Then go to selections invert and hit the delete key on your keyboard. Pull this layer under the frame layer. On the frame layer give it a drop shadow of choice. I used the following settings vertical and horizontal 2 opacity 44 blur 3.00 and color black.

Open the tube Your using and go to edit copy and then on the frame edit copy and paste as a new layer. Duplicate this layer in Your layer palette. Place one above the frame and one below the frame layer. On the one above the frame use Your eraser and erase the excess from the frame and on the lower erase just where you can see a hint of her leg through the circles. Give the bottom layer the same drop shadow as before.

I then added the swirls. I resized them down a bit and then arranged them how I liked and changed the blend modes to luminance (L) and the opacity to about 50. I then used a flower from the kit and pasted it as a new layer put it where I wanted it and then added the same drop shadow I'd used before.

I then used a brush after adding a new layer and used a color from the tube and stamped it. I placed it under the tube and then put it on luminance (L). I added a couple of flowers to the frame and gave it the same drop shadow and added My name and then resized and saved as png.

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