Sunday, August 23, 2009


For this tutorial You will need the following supplies
Scrapkit by Brandi at Grunge and Glitter. The kit is called FlutterByLove and it's a freebie which You can find here. Look to the left side of Her blog and click on freebies and scroll down You will find some other pretty kits there too. Please do leave some love when downloading on Her Shoutbox.
Thank You Brandi for being so kind and making kits for Us to use -hugs-.
Font of Choice or Mine here.
Tube of Choice or Mine here.
Misted tube of choice or Mine here.
Word Art or brushes of choice.
VanDerLee's Unplugged here. It's not free but they have a demo version You can download.
FM Tile Tool's which You can get here.

Open the font and minimize into Your taskbar and the tube in psp and minimize for now. From the kit choose a frame of choice. I used frame 4. Open it in psp and with Your magic wand click inside the frame. Hold down the shift key as You do this and click below the bow at the bottom too so that Your ants are marching in all 4 area's of the frame. Selections modify expand by 10 and click ok.

With Your eye dropper use a color that matches the frame or bow and go to layers new raster layer and flood fill the selections with Your flood fill tool. Slide this layer down under the frame layer. On this layer go to effects FM tile tools blend emboss with the default settings hit ok and do this a few times or until it looks a little bit darker. Open the misted tube and on the tube layer go to edit copy and then on the frame go to edit paste as a new layer. In Your layer palette right click on the misted tube layer and duplicate. Adjust blur gaussian blur 4.00 and click ok. On raster 3 in the layer palette put the blend mode onto Luminance(L) and the opacity down to about 15 or so. On the copy layer do the same only put the opacity at about 30 or so. Do the same emboss at the default settings a few times. Effects VanDerLee's UnPlugged-X and go to light and under the color settings using a color from the image or frame and then the rest of the settings should remain on default and click ok.

Now open the woman tube and go to edit copy and then on the frame layer paste as a new layer and place her as You like. Image resize by 70 percent all layers unchecked. Use Your selection tool rectangle and cut off the excess that's below the frame layer selections select none. Duplicate this layer on raster 4 put the blend mode on Luminance(L) and leave the opacity at 100 and go to the copy layer and do that same blur lower the opacity to about 50. Give it the following drop shadow vertical and horizontal 2 the opacity 50 blur 10.00 and color black repeat this again and do the vertical and horizontal -1 and click ok. Be sure Your frame layer is on top of all the other layers in Your palette.

Now add Your word art or brushes but if You use brushes remember to add a new raster layer. You can play with both the word art and the brush settings in the palette and set them to the way You like them best. Click on the eye dropper tool and select a dark and light color for the foreground and background. Now go to the text tool and select either the font I supplied or the one You chose to use and type out Your name or whatever You wish on it. Stretch the text out if You need to and make it as You want it and then convert to raster layer. Do the same drop shadows. Go to layers Merge visible..Resize the tag if You need to and save as png and Your all done.

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