Monday, August 17, 2009


For this tutorial You will need the following supplies.
Scrapkit of choice or the one I'm using by the wonderful Fi and You can find her blog here. The kit is here and it's called Velveteen.
Tube close up of choice. I used a tube by the wonderful Keith Garvey and You can find His tubes here.
Mask which I have supplied for You. You can get it here.

Open the tube and mask.Minimize them in psp and and from the kit choose a frame and then go to image canvas size 860x860. I know it seem's huge but We can resize it later. On the frame image do shift+D to duplicate the image and then close the original.

With Your magic wand click inside one of the hearts and go to selections modify and expand by 15 and then with your tube go to edit copy and on the frame image go to edit paste as a new layer. Place it in a position over the heart the way You like it then go to selections invert and hit delete on your keyboard. Do the same with the other heart on the other side of the frame. I went to image mirror for My other heart. In Your layer palette right click on the top tube layer and merge down then merge down again so that Your heart frame is now all merged together.

Go layers new raster layer then selections select all. In the kit find a paper that matches Your frame and go to edit copy and then on the frame image go to edit paste into selection and go to layers new mask layer from image and on the pull down choose the mask I supplied or the one Your using and make sure source luminance is marked and invert mask data unchecked. In Your layer palette on the mask layer right click on it and merge group.

Now pull the mask layer below Your frame layer. On the merged frame layer go to image resize by 70 and then on the mask layer go to image resize by 75. Back to the frame layer go to effects 3D effects drop shadow vertical and horizontal on 2 opacity 100 blur 2.00 and color black repeat it with the vertical and horizontal at -1 and click ok.

Now Just add Your chosen elements and the same drop shadows. Type out Your name and then resize Your tag if You need it and add Your copyright.

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