Saturday, September 5, 2009


You will need these supplies for this tutorial
Scrapkit by Jaye at Scrapping-Delights. The kit I am used is called Seeing Spots and You can find it listed under scrapkits here.
Thank You Jaye hon for making such wonderful stuff for Us to use -hugs and kisses-.
Tube of choice. I am using the artwork of Keith Garvey and You can find his tubes here. You need to have a license to use his work.
Mask and font of choice or mine.
Brushes or wordart of choice.

Open the mask and tube and minimize them in psp. Now go to the kit and open the frame. Hold down Your shiftkey while pressing D (shift+D) to duplicate the frame and close the original out. Image canvas size 700x700. Now go to layer new raster layer and slide this under Your frame layer. Selections select all and open up a paper from the kit. Paste into selection selections select none. Layers new mask layer from image and find MsKels mask source luminance and invert checked. Delete the mask layer in Your layer palette and then merge group.

Click on Your frame layer and using Your magic wand click inside of it. Selections modify expand by 10. With Your eye dropper tool choose a color from the mask layer and with Your bucket tool flood fill this layer with that color. Open the tube go to edit copy paste as a new layer. In Your layer palette make sure to highlight the frame layer and now choosing Your tube layer again go to selections invert and hit delete so that we can get rid of the excess tube that's outside of the frame. Selections select none. Duplicate Your tube and go to adjust blur gaussian blur 5.00 put this layer's opacity to about 80 percent or so. On the mask layer I also lowered the opacity to about 50 percent. Ok let's start adding some drop shadows. Effects 3D effects drop shadow with the following settings vertical and horizontal on 0 opacity 100 the blur 10.00 color black. On the frame layer do a drop shadow but change the settings to vertical and horizontal to 2 opacity 65 blur 5.00 and color black.

What I did next was added a new layer and used a brush on the background. I stamped it around to try to get all the exposed blue color behind my tube. When I was done I made sure my frame was highlighted in My layer palette used my magic wand to click inside of it selections modify expanded by 10 again selections invert and made sure the brushed layer was the layer highlighted in the layer palette and I hit delete on My keyboard. I put this layer on Luminance (L) and the opacity down to about 80. I used a blinds effect on My tube and the brushed layer. This is optional and You don't really need to do it. If You do You can use blinds that's built into psp.

Open up the heart lock and go to edit copy and edit paste as a new layer.Go to Image resize by 40 or 50 percent all layers unchecked. Duplicate this. Slide one under the frame layer. On the top copy use Your eraser and erase along the frame. Give the bottom layer the same drop shadow we used before. Open up the butterfly and paste it as a new layer onto Your canvas and put it in the right hand corner up at the top. Resize this by 50 percent and give it the same drop shadow as before. Layer's merge visible and resize this by pixels all layers checked and if not open the font I supplied and click on Your dropper tool choose a dark and light color for Your foreground and background colors. Click on the text tool and choose the font from the drop down menu and size it as You like and type Your name or whaterver You wish to say. Give it the same drop shadow as before. Add Your copyright layer and save as png and Your all done.

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