Saturday, September 5, 2009

You are My life now

You will need the following supplies for this tutorial.
Template By Babe at Babe's Designz.
I am using Her Twilight template.
Thank You for making templates available for Us to use hon -hugs-.
Scrakit by Sarah over at Pimp My Tags w/Scraps. It's called Nevermore.
Thank You Sarah for letting Me use Your kit for My tutorial -hugs-.
If You can't get this kit there are alot of twilight themed freebies out there and use My tutorial as a guide.
Tube of Choice. I'm using one I downloaded from Anti Social Disorders.
Thank You Nita for allowing Us to use Your tubes -hugs-.
Trinkets of Choice. Again these came from Anti Social Disorders made by Nita.

Open the template and tube and minimize the tube. On the template hold down Your shift key and D at the same time to duplicate it and close the original out. Delete Babe's copyright layer We won't be needing it. Let's also delete the white background too. Image canvas size 700x700. We just need it big enough to work with. You can crop or resize later if needed. In the layer palette choose the bars layer go to selections select all selections float selections defloat. From the kit choose a paper. Edit copy edit paste as a new layer. Selections invert and delete the excess from the paper layer. Delete the original layer. Effects 3D effects drop shadow and give this layer a shadow of choice I used vertical and horizontal 1 opacity 100 blur 3.00 color black. Then I also did it again only this time the vertical and horizontal -1.

This next step is optional I did the same thing as I did with the bars adding the paper and then I took it a step further and put the blend mode on screen and the opacity at about 85. This time I did leave the original layer beneath it and gave it the same drop shadow but instead I only used the -1's. On the butterflies layer I gave it a drop shadow of vertical horizontal -1 opacity 50 blur 10.00 color black. On the rec one layer do as You did with the moon using a paper of choice. Do the same on the frame layer and then add a drop shadow vertical and horizontal 2 opacity 100 blur 5.00 color black. Remember to delete the original layer.

On square one use Your magic wand and click on the canvas then holding down Your shift key do the same with the second one. I chose another paper this time and used a red one to keep to the them of Twilight lol but You can do it as You want to do it. Use the same steps from above and then delete the original square layers. Now do the two square frames as We did above. Give the word art's and heart the same drop shadow.

On the main frame highlight it in Your layer palette and then using Your magic wand click inside of it. Selections modify expand by 10 now paste Your main tube inside this frame. If Your using the same tube You'll need to resize it. Image resize by 50 percent all layers unchecked. Place it where You like it. Selections invert and hit the delete key on Your keyboard to trim the excess tube. Duplicate this tube and go to adjust blur gaussian blur 7.00 and then lower the opacity to about 70. Use these same steps for the smaller squares. Do the same for the star layers and give it a drop shadow. Then add any adornments from the kit You want and or trinkets. When done save as png and your done.

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