Friday, September 4, 2009


You will need the following supplies for this Tutorial.
My scrapkit or another of choice. Mine is made by Missy over at Scraps With Attitude and You can find that here or here.
Template by Vix and You can get that here. Scroll down and You will find it about the middle of the page.
Tube of choice. I used the artwork of Keith Garvey and You can find His tubes here.
My font, mask, and texture or choose Your own. You can find these here.
The mask was made by MzKels who's site is no longer up.

Open up the tube and template in psp and minimize the tube for now. On the template Press down Shift+D and duplicate it closing the original. Image canvas size and in the layer palette delete the copyright layer we won't be needing it.

Go to Layers New Mask Layer. Find a paper from the kit and go to edit copy and paste as a new layer to Your image. Load from image and choose the MzKels mask I supplied or one of Your choice. In Your layer palette delete the mask layer and then merge group. Image resize by or 80 percent all layers unchecked. On this same layer in the palette put the opacity down to about 50 or 60 . This is just choice as I like My masks to kind of blend into any background when I save it as a png. I also slid it up just a little bit behind the template.

Find Your eye dropper tube and choose two colors from Your tube one light one dark for Your materials palette. Click on the forground in Your materials palette and when it opens up click the gradient tab and use the following settings angle 315 repeats 1 invert unchecked and click ok.

In Your layer palette chose the Diagonal Boxes layer and with Your magic wand and click the top left hand square. You should have marching ants around the two boxes if not hold down Your shift key while You click on the box under the first one. Layer's new raster layer and Flood fill it with Your gradient. Keep Your ants marching and go to new raster layer and on the texture I supplied go to edit copy and paste as a new layer over on Your main image. Selections invert now hit delete on Your keyboard. On this step You could of used a textured paper from Your kit if Your using the one I am or from another kit. Imagination is key and it's what makes Your tags shine out as being Your own. Put the Blend mode on hard light.

Now in Your materials palette let's change the graident settings and use the following on Your foreground color Angle 217 repeats 0 invert unchecked. In Your layer palette choose the Diagonal Boxes layer once again and go to layers new raster layer and with Your magic wand click on Your bottom diagonal box and You should have marching ants around the two of them if not use the steps as I listed above. Now open up that texture again and with Your selection tool set to the rectangle tool drag in the middle of the texture and go to edit copy and on Your main image go to layers new raster layer and then edit paste into selection and put the blend mode on Luminance (L). Delete the original Diagonal Boxes layer.

On the gradient fills You did with the boxes give them both a drop shadow of choice by going to Effects 3D effects drop shadow and use these settings vertical alnd horizontal on 2 opacity 45 blur 5.00 color black. Repeat this drop shadow again only the vertical and horizontal changed to -1. With Your eye dropper tool on Your tube find two different colors one dark one light and go to the gradients tab in Your layer palette on the foreground color and use the following settings angle 180 repeats 1 invert unchecked. Layers new raster layer and flood fill it with Your gradient. From the kit as the ants were still marching I opened paper 14 and went to edit copy and edit paste as a new layer. Selections invert and hit delete on My keyboard. You could use that texture I used if You can't use this kit or another paper of choice. The results will still be the same only Yours will look different but that's ok. In the layer palette I put the blend mode onto Luminance (L) and the opacity to about 20. Again if Your using another paper this might differ for You so just use what You like best. Delete the original layer. Give the gradient layer the same drop shadows as You did above.

In Your layer palette choose the Large Rectangle layer and with Your magic wand click on it in Your image. Layers new raste layer and flood fill it with another gradient of choice. This time I will let You choose what to use. Now when that's done open Your tube of choice and go to edit copy and paste as a new layer. With Your selection rectangle tool use it on the over hang over the box and delete it. Duplicate this tube and go to Adjust Blur Gaussian Blur 4.00 and then lower the opacity to about 65 and give the bottom tube a drop shadow with the following settings vertical and horizontal on 2 opacity 50 blur 10.00 color black. Repeat with the vertical and horizontal on -1. On the Large Rectangle dots move it below Your tube layers and put the blend mode on Overlay. This is choice I also used My tube and placed inside the rectangle. I just used My magic wand and did the paste as new layers inverted the layer so that I could delete the outer layers and duplicated each one and used the same blurs. I then used a blinds like effects filter you can get the same sort of results just using the built in blinds that psp has built into it. Now when Your done with all of the tube layers etc delete the original layer to the rectangle.

On the Temptation layer use Your magic wand and click each one while holding the shift key down. Layers new raster layer and flood fill it with a gradient of choice. I then used the same blinds effect on it that I used for My smaller tube layers. I then deleted the original layer and lowered My opacity to about 40 and added the same drop shadows I did as My large tube layer.

Now for Our elements from this fab kit. I opened up the ipods and pasted them onto My canvas and resized them by 20 percent as they were quite large and gave them the same drop shadows as all of My tube layers. I added two of the lips to match the ipods and resized them by 15 percent and used the same drop shadows as I did before. I also added the ribbons resizing again by 15 percent and used the same drop shadows. I added the ribbon tag element and resized it by 66 percent and then used the deform tool to stretch it just to fit across the rectangle layer gave it the same drop shadow but only once with the -1's. On the circles I floated them then added the bubbles element and inverted and deleted to get rid of the excess. I put the blend mode on hard light and lowered the opacity to about 75.

Now resize Your image if it's needed if not open the font I supplied and with Your text tool sized to 26 make sure You create as vector and with the nodes turn it to match the tag and stretch the sides out so that it's as long as the tag as You wish. Add a drop shadow with these settings vertical and horizontal 0 opacity 100 blur 2.00. I did the same with the ipods as I did with the tag text. Now add any copright if needed and save as png.

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