Friday, July 31, 2009

You Rock

Template 77 here. She also has some great stuff over on Misfit Scrapz. Please
do take a look around it's a nice place for resources and it also links to one of
my favorite forums Creative Misfits. Please join us it's alot of fun and we have so much going on at all times.

Choice of Scrapkit or mine from PinkPrincessScraps . Thank You Vicki for
letting Me use Your scraps for My tutorials -hugs-.

Tube of Choice.

I used a tube by Keith Garvey and You can find his tubes here.

Alien skin eye candy 4000. I dont' know if You can get this
anymore but You can get Eye Candy 5 Impact and it has the
gradient glow in it here.

First hit Shift+D to duplicate your template and close the
original and then remove the copyright layer.You won't be
needing it..Let's make the Canvas a lil bit bigger to work
with.Image Canvas size 700 You can resize later.In Your layer
Palette go to the large rectangleslayer and with your magic wand
click on both.To do that just hold down your shift key while
clicking both.Choose two colors from the tube Your using and make
Your foreground into a gradient and on Your template again add new
layer and flood fill it with the gradient.Angel 325 repeats 3
and invert checked.Delete the original layer.Now let's give it
a gradient glow.Effects eye candy 4000-gradient glow- with the
following settings: on the basic tab glow width 3.00 soft corners
25 overall opacity 100 draw only outside selection and in the
color tab choose medium and color white or any color that would
go well with your tube.Then give it a drop shadow of choice.

Selections- Select none-.Effects-texture effects-blinds: width 2
opacity 25 horizontal checked and color black.In your layer
palette click on frame backgrounds and use your magic wand doing
the three the way I instructed above for your rectangle
layer.Layers new raster layer filling it with a color from Your
tube.Adjust add/remove noise-add noise- with the following
settings uniform noise 40 and monochrome checked. I added blinds
just to make it a lil bit darker but that is up to you.Drop shadow
of choice and delete the original layer.

Choose Your frames layer in your layer palette and layers new
raster layer and again using your magic wand around each one flood
fill it again with a color from your tube.Selections select none
and then use the same blinds settings you used before and delete
the original layer.In your layer palette choose the rectangles
layer layers new raster layer and flood fill it with a gradient
from your tube.Effects eye candy 400-gradient glow and use the
settings that you used before.effects texture effects blinds
using the same settings as before.

On the stars layers in your palette selections-select all-
selections-float-selections-defloat- and add a new raster layer
flood filling it with a color from your tube and add a drop
shadow to them.

On the thin rectangles layer in your layer palette change the
blend mode to luminance (L).then on the text layer add a gradient
glow to it adding a color from your tube that you like.add a drop
shadow to the layer.

Edit copy paste Your tube as a new layer and position it to
your liking adding a drop shadow to it.Now just add the kit
elements you would like to use.

Now just add Your text and copyright then Your done..I hope
You enjoyed this tutorial.

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