Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Sad News

I have some sad news for You all today. My friend's dad
passed away after a long fight with cancer yesterday afternoon
after having a seizure Friday night. He had just gone into remission
and contracted an infection and He slowly grew worst. Alot of You
know this friend. Her name is Lisa but goes by the name of
Aleah'sMommy. I am asking that if You can afford to help
out with a donation that it be sent to her email. I know the
medical bills for his cancer were astronomical and as We all
know the costs for funerals and arrangements will only triple
that bereavement upon this poor family. Her uncle is also
fighting cancer but isn't expected to make it much longer and
this is Her Dad's Brother so she's had one very very hard year.
You may send Your donations to hottlildevil110584@yahoo.com.

I think You from the bottom of My heart if You can help during
Lisa's time of need. This was an unexpected occurence by all
of Us as He was getting much better and healthier.


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